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Maple sugaring season is over for us at Owl Ridge Acres and the trees have all been closed up for the year. As the seasons change there have been plenty of projects underway inside and out. I’ve been lucky to have the continued help of family and friends to transform the property into a space that will soon hope to host other creative types seeking refuge to focus on their craft. There have already been a select few that also took on the responsibility of running the place in the coldest months. So I owe a big THANK YOU to James Fowler, Alex Bowron, Karol Orzechowski and Aaron Armstrong, you have all been a huge help.

Now I’m happy to announce its my turn to spend an extended time at a place that has become my home. I’ve been granted a year off from my day job at the CBC and I plan to focus on my art as well as other projects I’ve been excited to make progress on. From the beginning of May until end of April 2016, I’ll be living the life of a hopefully not so starving artist. You can bet I’ll be posting and blogging about my experiences along the way, feel free to keep in touch via facebook, twitter (@joeybruni or @owlridgeacres), instagram (@owlridgeacres) or follow this blog.