Compassion Is Sexy

There has been no shortage of shitty news and polarizing issues locally or abroad over the last few years. From people trying to flee war-torn countries and how they are treated, to murders of people in the LGBTQ community and how groups condone this behaviour. It’s no secret for those with their eyes open that it’s a cruel world out there for many people in marginalized communities, but it has become clear to me that a lot of people are lacking compassion for fellow human beings. It’s this troubling thought that has inspired my latest piece, (totally out of the ordinary for me to not be working on architecture based art) and this is what decided to come out.
Yes it is me with my back side turned to the world in disapproval of all the gross hate speech, murders of queer, black, and indigenous people, greed, inequality, corruption, I’m sure the list could go on. But we all need to take a step back to figure out what has made us this way?
I doubt that this will be a one-off piece and probably work on a few other pieces since I still feel I have creative energy that wants to explore this direction.

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