Midwinter’s daydream

Rounding the middle of winter over knee-deep in snow, the classic Canadian scenes around Owl Ridge Acres have been nothing but inspiring. Sure its been bone chillingly cold with the thermometer reaching into the -30’s at times, but there has been no shortage of outdoor time. Those that have an appreciation for nature, winter and being active are rewarded with stunning views, the freshest air and endless solitude.

Of course winter isn’t all romance all the time, it definitely comes with its own unique set of challenges to be prepared for. Keeping on top of the accumulating snow and keeping systems from freezing or having to unfreeze them is all part of life on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield. It’s a good thing I find a lot of this work entertaining, as long as I have a good pair of long johns on, maybe even a one piece snowsuit, I can be warm and entertained. The past weekend being the best yet, stacking wood, plowing the driveway, pulling the tractor out of a snow bank, shovelling 2 feet of snow off the roof and even fitting in a snowshoe to the back of the property with friends.

Before long it will be time to prepare for the sweet end to winter, Maple Syrup season! And some creative projects that will go along with it.

The first 2 sets of images are courtesy of Alex Bowron the current resident at Owl Ridge Acres.


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