Moving on to Owl Ridge Acres

I’m not going to lie 2014 has brought many challenges to deal with and no shortage of highs and lows. Unfortunately the first half of the year despite working on The Cocoon Project and a few other small projects, contained some of the most stressful and disappointing times. But I look at it as wave pulling back from the shore, and I’m now riding the surf and being propelled into the next chapter of my life. I couldn’t be happier with the opportunities that the second half of the year has brought me.

For those of you that know me well, I’m sure you’ve heard me speak the words “Art farm”, “Artist commune”, or becoming a “hermit artist in the woods” over the years. Well my friends those dreams may very well become a reality sooner than I had imagined. After a few months of searching with my eager and understanding real estate agent, I feel fortunate to have found a nearly perfect property to build that dream on. With the help of family and some of my dearest art friends we’ve been transforming an old country home on over 70 acres of land, into a working farm and place to host creative residencies.

On that note I would like to introduce you to Owl Ridge Acres. A creative space that will be open to all disciplines of artists, musicians, writers, and photographers to focus on new or current projects. The residency program will aim to start in early 2015 and hopes to offer affordable options for those that wish to apply. Currently you can follow Owl Ridge Acres on instagram and twitter (@OwlRidgeAcres) if you would like keep in touch with the project, a full website will be coming soon.

Those who have had the chance to visit Owl Ridge Acres have all been inspired by the surroundings and energy the property has to give. The mainly forested property features a beautiful granite ridge with a few view points over the valley, rolling hills, hiking trails, a small spring fed pond, gardens and a few out buildings. The home itself is outfitted with a studio and workroom that has a large wood/metal lathe, drill press and hand tools.

Any friends skilled in home renovations or farm work and are interested in donating their time to help build this community are welcome anytime.

  1. vadim vadim said:

    Joey, WOW! I’m so proud and happy for you!! Taking such a giant step, jump, leap makes me so envious. It all looks amazing​ with the potential of being a fantastic retreat and gathering place for all creative minds, hearts and souls. I have been saving and collecting seeds of all sorts for just this right occasion( who knew? lol ). I would love to come up in the spring and help out with some landscaping and maybe plant some native, wild and water wise flower gardens as my contribution. 🙂 speak soon, hugz V

    • Vadim, that would be so fantastic and I would really appreciate it. But it would be great to have you up here creating too. I have a bunch of milk weed seed pods if you need any of those, I’m happy to share some with you.

  2. wolfman said:

    Looks awesome Joey, best of luck with everything!
    Your old studio neighbor

  3. Ardean Peters said:

    Oh wow. Congrats!

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